You are at the point where you are more like roommates who can't agree and feel frustrated, leaving you both exhausted.

You feel lonely and disconnected. The same conflicts come up over and over with no resolution.

Each issue finds its place under the rug where you sweep the pain.

You don't feel heard or respected anymore but rather feel confused and unimportant. No matter what you do, it never seems good enough. One of you keeps trying to fix things while the other one retreats, hoping that the avoidance will give you some sort of peace. But deep down inside you fear that it will never get better, that this is how marriages go and that this time it might really mean divorce.

You long to feel valued and understood despite your differences.

You desire better communication and connection so that stress will bring you together, not tear you apart.

You want to be on the same team battling life together and dream of sharing your concerns without being judged. You want to remember what brought you together in the first place igniting emotional and physical intimacy.

Welcome to a place where couples can laugh, cry and grow together!

With extensive couples training, I'm not only comfortable with both partners' realities but value and honor both perspectives. I am not going to say one is more right over the other. Taking sides won't help you, nor will keeping secrets.

I maintain calm energy in sessions despite the high energy common for couples, but I'm not the quiet therapist simply listening to concerns and offering quick fix advice.

I teach couples the skills needed to find their own solutions. I take an active role in guiding couples through resolving pain and learning strategies for managing current, as well as future, conflicts. No more getting stuck in "he said" - "she said."

No more ignoring the problem hoping it will go away.

I see couples learn how to speak up for what they need while listening to their partner from a place of love. I help couples create a dance that promotes meaningful connection and intimacy.

If you are ready for less emotional overload and more wholehearted communication, call me.

Happy Couple Gottman Approved Member

If you are in a mental health emergency, you may call 9-1-1, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255), or go to the emergency room.